Vegas Voodoo

Our Products

Mojo Bags


Also called “Gris Gris bags”, these small bags can easily be carried around in a pocket or purse and contain a variety of items used to bring about specific purpose. 

Spell Kits


Spell Kits combine several magickal supplies, such as candles, incense, oils & herbs to use together in making your wish come true. The kits come with easy to understand instructions on how to perform your own ritual.  



Candles tap the powerful energy of fire and are used in ritually in virtually every religion.   Our handmade candles are uniquely scented and use the appropriate color “vibration” for their specific purpose.  



Used in many religious traditions, burning incense is often combined with prayer and meditation. The smoke is thought to carry up prayers and wishes to the spirits.  Our custom scents are designed for each unique purpose.

Good Luck Charms


Whether it's traditional good luck charms, amulets, lucky coins, and talismans, or our special blends of Good Luck Spread, Witches Mix, Cleansing Powder, and sage, we have the right products to help you achieve your goals.

Voodoo Dolls


Used to bring about specific circumstances to the person it symbolizes, we have multiple styles of Voodoo Dolls, including traditional New Orleans style and the popular Yoodara dolls.