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Looking for Love, Success, or Prosperity? Need a little extra Luck with Money? Let Vegas Voodoo be your provider of all things that bring luck and good fortune!

Whether it’s a good luck charm to carry in your pocket before playing the lottery, our special herbs, candles & oils to use before throwing dice, an authentic talisman to carry with you while playing cards, or a unique and memorable Happy Marriage gift basket to send to your recently wedded friends to wish them well on their journey together, Vegas Voodoo offers the most authentic products that help you Get Lucky! 

Need something more serious? Try having an authentic Voodoo practitioner come to your Las Vegas hotel room for one-of-a kind blessings, Bad Luck Breaking, and Cleansing rituals. For the couple-to-be, our Bachelor and Bachelorette party blessings and spells provide that unique and memorable experience that help bring Prosperity or in some cases, Protection!   Whatever the case, Vegas Voodoo can help bless or protect that special event in your life.


How do our products work?

Voodoo, a religion whose followers believe that you have the ability to manipulate your surrounding through spiritual means, has existed for thousands of years and was imported to North America via the slave trade during the 18th and 19thcenturies. The American practice of Voodoo sometimes involves aspects of Hoodoo, a religion that focuses on the belief in Magick - our ability to exercise extreme influence over our surrounding environment.  

The practice focuses on our two primary but conflicting emotions, Love and Hate.  The positive side of your feelings and emotions is termed Rada, also referred to as "White Magick", and can be used to benefit mankind and improve your life and the lives of those around you.  Your angry or evil intuitions are referred to as Petro or "Black Magick" and geared towards causing harm to specific people or the environment that surrounds you.  Either form of Magick can be powerful and influential, but remember a very basic principal – that, like the concept of karma, whether you expel good or bad energy, it always returns to its source in the same form.

The products and services offered through Vegas Voodoo are based on these two beliefs of White Magick and Black Magick.  While many people only know of “Black Magick” (such as hexes and curses with voodoo dolls), Vegas Voodoo promotes the use of “White Magick” to help bring good luck, success, and fortune to our believers.

In addition to Voodoo, you will also find practices used by other religions within in our products and services, such as Catholic rituals (the St. Joseph Statue is often used for selling your house), Buddhist traditions (Fortune Kitty for your home or business), and Wicca (Witches Grass) and more. We simply offer the most authentic products and services from around the world that will help guide you to the life that you really want.


Individually blessed and charged

Many of our products are individually hand-made in Las Vegas, and others are imported from around the world. We take care in providing the most authentic experience for our believers to ensure their dreams and desires are achieved. 

For that extra advantage, or to supercharge your products, we can individually bless your order by an actual pastor. Just provide us some basic information about why you are purchasing the products and how you intend to use them, and we’ll conduct a blessing specific for your needs, prior to shipping. We put strong energy into everything we offer so you can feel comfortable letting Vegas Voodoo fulfill your secret superstitious needs. 

Vegas Voodoo provides products and services locally in Las Vegas - items can be delivered directly to your hotel room or office – and our products are available nationally and internationally through a variety of shipping methods. Even many of the services can be handled over the phone or email.

So, enjoy exploring Vegas Voodoo and may all your wishes come true.

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